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Going Under by Ray FrenchBy Raymond James Patrick French
..a warm, big-hearted tale with a hero you canít help but cheer for. This novel hits on various truths about work, family, love and loyalty. But most of all, itís a thoroughly absorbing read

For the French speakers among us, Claude Sérillon parle de Six Pieds Sous Terre édité par Fleuve Noir on TV

í Bograt

And now in German on YOUTUBE:

Ab nach unten, Rezension Wettbewerbsfilm


Me 'n' the missusWho am I
By Me
Go here for my entire life-story and news about me and what I'm doing now and what I'll be doing soon. My Life so Far

English\Spanish Translations Creative Language Services
All types of translation and interpreting work undertaken from or into English or Spanish Translation \ Interpreting services

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People we likeAre you in here ?

The Paraguachí Plot
Things I like Land for Sale in Venezuela

A Short Story

By Jacob Marley

Blood and stomach pills, cursed Ralph fruitily, swining his kine-fork and hip-hop-scotching after the retreating jam-jars. Udders akimbo, Flute crumbled in dismay as he watched their livelihood disappearing down the black maw of Nameless Unreason. Bograt

Maru's Graduation Day

Tatiana and Simon

Jahia and Sadie Get Married
Mechi and Simon's Wedding

Land investment opportunities on the coast of the Caribbean

Caribbean beach 1350 square metres on the Caribbean paradise island of Margarita. Suitable for tourist development. Chance of a lifetime ! Low price for quick sale.Land for Sale in Venezuela

Birdwatching, Fishing and Windsurfing in Venezuela
Top sites for adventure and outdoor holidays Apartments, etc for Sale in Venezuela

Venezuela for the masses

Excellent page full of links to all things VenezuelanLinks